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Releases Overview

The Releases feature archives content at a specific point in time, which can then be downloaded, branched, and published.
The Releases feature is a method of versioning that enables you to archive content for each new version or milestone. A release is an archive of content at a specific point in time. Releases cannot be modified; they are permanent and unalterable archives. Let’s look at an example.
Your company needs to track a documents progress at the end of each month. You can create a release to record the content progress. Creating a release archives the content at its current state (in this case, its state at the end of the month).
The released version is stored with the original file as an unalterable archive. You can continue to edit the original document normally. And if you need to view or generate output for the released version you created, you can. Think of releases as snapshots of the content.
Use the Releases Tab in the Resource Viewer to create, download, branch, publish, and depreciate releases.