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ANT Custom build_template.xml

The general format for the custom ANT build file.
Each time the DITA-OT runs, it rebuilds the custom build files from the templates. This template tells the OT where to look for the customization information, and then it runs the base plugin with the customizations.
Here’s a template for the build_template.xml file:
< project name="[]" default="dita2[new.transtype]"> 
	< property name="transtype" value="[new.transtype]"/> 
	< target name="dita2[new.transtype]"> 
		< property name="customization.dir" location="${dita.dir}/plugins/[]/cfg"/> 
		< property name="pdf.formatter" value="fop"/> 
		< antcall target="[]"/> 
	< /target> 
< /project> 
Variable Name Description Example Value The name of the ant target of the base plugin. It consists of “dita2” then the transtype name. The example value is for the base plugin org.dita.pdf2. dita2pdf2