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Adding Cover Page Attributes

Define attribute sets so that your cover page appears as expected.
Before you can add new attribute-sets, you must modified the cover page template using the procedure in Editing the Cover Page Template.


While Editing the Cover Page Template, you added a new attribute-set. You need to define this attribute in the custom-attrs.xsl file (located in cfg/fo/attrs/) for your cover page to display correctly.

  1. Insert the following code:

    Step Information
    You can add whatever other styling attributes you want here, but the following code will center the image horizontally and give it a little space from the top of the page.
    < xsl:attribute-set name="__coverImage"> 
      < xsl:attribute name="text-align"> center< /xsl:attribute> 
      < xsl:attribute name="position"> absolute< /xsl:attribute> 
      < xsl:attribute name="top"> 80px< /xsl:attribute> 
    < /xsl:attribute-set> 

You’re ready to publish with your new cover page. Here’s an example of the output: