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Publishing a Map to WordPress

Publish your DITA maps directly from easyDITA to WordPress.  
  1. Open a map and click Publish.

    Expected Result
    The Publishing interface displays.

  2. Click WordPress to select it as your publishing engine.

    Expected Result
    The WordPress Publishing interface displays.

  3. Complete the following fields:

    1. In the WordPress account drop-down menu, select your WordPress site.
    2. In the Title , enter a name for the publish.

      Step Information
      The name you enter here will be used in the site URL. For example, my site is If I enter docs in the Title , then the site url will be

    3. (Optional) In the DITAVal field, click Change and navigate to a DITAVal file.
  4. Click Publish! to start the publishing job.

    Expected Result

Once your publishing job is completed, click the WordPress link to view the published page.