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Installing Jetpack

Install the Jetpack plugin to set up your WordPress site API.
Note:If you’re connecting easyDITA to a site hosted by WordPress (e.g., you can skip installing Jetpack. The API is already included by default for WordPress hosted sites, so installing the Jetpack plugin isn’t necessary.
  1. Navigate to and log in to your WordPress site.

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    Note:wp-site-domain is used as a placeholder for the domain of your site (
  2. Click Plugins. A list of installed plugins displays. 

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  3. Often the Jetpack plugin is installed by default, so if you see Jetpack by, click Activate.

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    1. If you don’t see Jetpack by listed, under Plugins, click Add New.
    2. In the Search Plugins field, enter Jetpack and navigate to Jetpack by

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    3. Click Install Now and then click Activate.
  4. Once Jetpack has been activated, a banner will display across the top of the screen. Click Connect to

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  5. Log in with your account to authorize Jetpack to work on your site.

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    Expected Result
    The Jetpack tab is added to the navigational pane.
  6. Click Jetpack.

    Expected Result

Jetpack is installed on your WordPress site. Now, you’re ready to connect easyDITA to WordPress.