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User Guide
Previewing Conditionalized Output 

Use the Topic Editor to preview and modify the view settings of filtered output.
  1. In the Content Manager, open a topic and navigate to an element with a Conditional Processing Attribute value set.

    Step Information

    Any document with defined values for Conditional Processing Attributes will display in a label in the left margin of the Topic Editor. The label shows the value or values that have been defined for that element.

  2. Click on a label.

    Step Information
    Expected Result
    The Conditional View Settings window displays.
  3. For each Conditional Processing Attribute value, do any of the following:

    • To show the filtered output, check Shows.
    • To grey the filtered output, check Greyed.
    • To hide the filtered output, check Hidden.
  4. Click Apply.

    Expected Result
    If Shows was selected, filtered output displays alongside unfiltered content:
    If Greyed was selected, filtered output is greyed:
    If Hidden was selected, filtered output is hidden:

The view settings of filtered elements are modified.