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User Guide
Snoozing a Notification

Snooze a notification until the next day, forever, or a custom date and time.
  1. From the Dashboard interface, click Inbox .

    Expected Result
    The Inbox interface displays.

  2. Navigate to the notification you want to snooze and hover over the top-right corner.

    Expected Result
    Icons display.

  3. Click the Snooze icon .

    Expected Result
    The Snooze until drop-down menu displays.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To snooze until the next day, click Tomorrow .
    • To snooze indefinitely, click Forever .
    • To snooze to a custom date and time, click Pick date & time and select a date and time.

Your notification is snoozed and moved to the Snoozed section of the Inbox interface.