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User Guide
Localization Overview

The localization feature enables you to package content for localization and upload the localized content back into easyDITA, where you can view or publish the content.
The localization feature enables you to package and download your content to adapt it to a locale. The localization feature is map-based, meaning you can only create localization packages for maps. Once the localization package is created for your content, you can download the zip and send it to your localization team to adapt it to a locale. Once localized, the content is uploaded back into easyDITA.
Each time you localize content, you must create a new ‘Localization Job’. This starts a new localization process for you to download, localize, and then upload back into easyDITA. You can see the localized content in the Locales Tab. For more information, see Viewing Localized Content.

Status of Resources

When you first create the localization job, the topic resources display in red. This indicates that the content has not been localized yet. For example:
Once you upload the localized content, the localized resources display in green. If any of the source resources are modified, the localized resource displays in yellow. This indicates that the localized resource is no longer up to date with the source. For example: