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User Guide
Publishing with the DITA Open Toolkit

Use the Publishing interface to publish a topic or map using the DITA Open Toolkit.
  1. In the Content Manager , right-click the topic or map and select Preview .

    Expected Result
    The Preview Tab displays.
  2. Click Publish .

    Expected Result
    The Publishing interface displays.

    Note:Available options vary based on your configuration.
  3. Click DITA Open Toolkit.

    Expected Result

    Note:If you previously published this file, a list of its previous publishes display here.
  4. Click New Publish .

    Expected Result
  5. In the Description text box, enter a description. This is what will appear in the list of previous publishes.

  6. Click Add next to the publishing scenario you want to use.

    Step Information
    The default publishing scenarios are Basic 1.5.2 and Basic 1.5.3. The numbers refer to versions of the DITA Open Toolkit.
    To create multiple outputs from one map in a single publishing operation, add multiple publishing scenarios. For example, you could add Basic 1.5.3 twice – once for HTML, and once for PDF.

  7. Set the parameters for each publishing scenario you have selected.

    Step Information

    Note that parameters are specific to each publishing scenario as defined by your system administrator. Typical parameters are Transformation Type (transtype, which defines the output format), locale, or DITAVal file which lets you select a configuration file in the DITAVal format.

  8. (Optional) If you have any active localizations for the map to be published, you can select them from the drop-down menu in the parameters section.
  9. Click Publish .

    Expected Result
    The Publishing Manager screen and the status of the publication job are displayed.

The publish job is complete and displays as a previous publish job for the topic or map. You can click on the publish job to view more information about it or download the output files (e.g. PDF) and log files generated by the DITA OT.