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User Guide
Localizing a Release

Use the Releases Tab in the Resource Viewer to localize a release.
  1. In the Content Manager , right-click a released file and select Releases.

    Expected Result
    The Releases Tab in the Resource Viewer displays.
  2. Click Localize.

    Expected Result
    The Localization Manager interface displays.
  3. From the New Localization Job menu, select a localization package. Click Go.
  4. Configure your localization job:

    1. In the Project Notes field, enter any notes you have for the localization team. These notes will display in a TXT file in the localization package. Project Notes field
    2. (Optional) To modify the Manager, enter or select a user.
    3. (Source and Media Packages only) To include all resources in the source package, in the Include drop-down menu, select All Resources.
    4. In the Include field, select All Media if you localize the files for the first time or Only Changed Media if you have already localized the files.
    5. In the Pick Target Locales field, add one or more target languages.
    6. (Optional, XLIFF Package only) Under Pick Reference Content to Include, select the reference content you created earlier.

      Step Information
      Even though this step is optional, we recommend to always add reference content, for example PDF or HTML. It will be added in a folder to your XLIFF package.
  5. Click Save.

    Expected Result
    The localization job displays. The Project Notes, Manager, and Locales are displayed.
  6. Click Download Localization Package .

The localization job for the release is created and the source files are downloaded. You can send the file out for localization. Once the localization is complete, upload the file.