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User Guide
Adding a Warehouse Topic to a Map

Add a warehouse topic to a map as a keydef so you can resolve content key references in topics.

Adding a topic as a keydef identifies the warehouse topic a resource-only file that’s used to resolve key references. Keydefs are not published.

You have a warehouse topic with some variable text in it.
  1. Open a map in the Map Editor .

    Expected Result
    The map displays in the Map Editor Pane.
  2. Drag and drop a warehouse topic from the Content Library into the Map Editor Pane.

    Expected Result
    The Insert dialog displays.
  3. Select Keydef from the drop-down menu.

    Expected Result
    The Keys field displays.
  4. Enter a Key name.

    For example, enter vars, which is short for variables.
  5. Click Save to save changes made to the map.  

    Expected Result
    The Keydef element is inserted. A key icon and the key name display next to the warehouse topic.

You added the warehouse topic to a map as a keydef element.

Now, you’re ready to insert a conkeyref to a variable in your warehouse topic.