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The Releases feature is a versioning tool that enables you to archive content at a specific point in time. The released version can then be downloaded, branched, and published whenever you want.
The Releases feature enables you to track a document’s progress. When a release is created, an archive of the content at its current state is created. The release version cannot be modified, it is a permanent and unalterable archive. You can, however, continue to edit the original document normally.
The released version is stored with the original document. So if you need to view or generate output for the released version, you can. Think of a release as a snapshot of your content, which you can access whenever you want.
Note:You must be an Administrator or have specific user permissions to branch and release content.
Use the Releases Tab in the Resource Viewer to create, download, branch, publish, and depreciate releases.

Release Example

When you create a release, an archive of the content at its current state is created. In the example below, when you create a release for Map XYZ at the end of Quarter 1, a released version is saved with the original file. You can continue editing the original document without affecting the released version.

Creating a release at Q1
When the end of Quarter 2 arrives, you can create another release. All release versions are stored with the original file. For example:

Creating a release at Q2
When the end of Quarter 3 arrives, you can create another release.

Creating a release at Q3
You can continue to create releases for each milestone. These release versions can be accessed whenever you want.


In easyDITA, you can localize not only standard maps but also released maps. You can easily view the locales for a map, topic, or media file in the Locales Tab. Locales are versions of your content in a target language, for example, in Canadian French or Polish. The locales listed in the Locales Tab are locales for the standard map and the locales created for the releases of the map.