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Configuring the DITA Open Toolkit in easyDITA

Learn how to configure the DITA Open Toolkit in easyDITA to customize your output.
easyDITA provides full DITA Open Toolkit support right out of the box and is extremely flexible when it comes to setting up the DITA Open Toolkit.
When publishing using the DITA Open Toolkit, you must set up a publishing scenario in order to publish. You can make simple configurations when you Set up a Publishing Scenario. Think of a publishing scenario as a template. At publish, you can select a template to customize the output based on the parameters set in the template.
For example, you can create a publishing scenario using the following parameters:
  • Use DITA-OT1.8.4
  • Generate PDF output
  • Generate HTML output
For more advanced configuration and customization, you can upload your own plugins or completely new instances of the DITA Open Toolkits into easyDITA. Then you can include these plugins or new instances of the DITA Open Toolkit in a publishing scenario.
This guide will show you how to: