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Content References

Use content references to identify elements in a topic to reuse.
Rather than copying and pasting content, use Content References (conref) to reference content that can be reused. So when you need to update the content, you only need to update the source content and all the files that reference the source inherit the change. This way, you can write something once and reference it in many other topics.
Keep the following things in mind when inserting conrefs:
  • You can only conref similar elements. If you want to reuse the text in a Step, you can conref it from another Step. However, you cannot reuse a Paragraph as a Step.

  • You can only conref elements that are valid. If you want to conref a Paragraph, you can only reference it in areas where it is valid, such as in a Section or an Example.

  • You cannot conref a Shortdesc.

In easyDITA, reused content is highlighted in gray, indicating that the content cannot be edited here. Clicking on the reused content will open a Content Reference toolbar below the content. Here you can change the reference or view the source content by clicking on the link.